Opportunities to serve

Be a table official, coach or an encouragement for our adults at our quiz events! If you are not interested in quizzing but would still like to help out with MLQ we can use you!


Time Keeper

Time-keepers keep track of the time on the time-keeper clock. This is an easy job you can learn on the spot.

Clock Link


Score Keeper

Keep track of the team scores throughout the quizzes and the personal scores of the quizzers so they know when they quiz out.


Be a Coach

Help the adults quiz their best by motivating, supporting and guiding a team at quiz events.


Come & Encourage

Cheer on the adults who have worked so hard to memorize Scripture. Your presence, smile and uplifting words can make a big difference!


Pray With Us

Support our ministry by praying for your brothers and sisters in Christ who are seeking to memorize and meditate on God’s Word.


Promote MLQ at Your Church

Host an MLQ promo event at your church. Spread the word about MLQ by sharing a video, handing out brochures or asking your pastor about giving a short talk about what Major League Quizzing is. If you’d like more information about how you can host a promo event, contact us here.

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